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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2018 11:00am-11:30am CET

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this is. a disturbing discovery in southern california police find thirteen siblings held captive in the suburban home in chains of parents with torture will go to los angeles for more also coming up pope francis on a difficult visit. the pontiff faces a weakened the catholic church there bleeding followers after a wave of sex abuse scandals involving priests. the music world mourns the loss of
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. the lead singer of the cranberries who has died suddenly at the age of forty six . voice pushed the irish band to icon status during the one nine hundred ninety s. we'll look back at her life and music. and i thank you for joining us so we opened with a disturbing story out of california where police say they have freed to thirteen siblings who are allegedly imprisoned by their own parents the victims range in age from two years to twenty nine police say they were alerted by a teenage daughter who managed to escape and call nine one one. authorities were shocked at what they found hidden in this quiet suburb describing emaciated
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captives in foul smelling surroundings with padlocks and shackles. neighbors described the family as reclusive the children nearly invisible. they were the type that you didn't really get to know anything about them they were very good themselves and it says china should be so old they only kept themselves so old and the only time you would see him he would never see them in the city you would never seen anyone come outside all you are really see is that. they go out maybe make a grocery run and that was about it. parents david and louise turpin were arrested after one of their children broke free and managed to find a cell phone to alert the police the couple are now prisoners themselves facing charges of torture and child endangerment but photos posted by the couple on facebook in two thousand and sixteen portray
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a happy family. authorities will now be asking what went wrong. in the time we live in and it's unfortunate to see that it's actually heartbreaking for the staff and. it's just it's unbelievable what you see. the thirteen children are now receiving treatment in hospital their parents are set to appear in court on thursday. earlier today we spoke with valentino martelly a freelance journalist in los angeles we asked her if it's know what kind of care the children are now receiving. full first of all of the sheriff the part of many that made no further information available beyond the news release but as schedule area news conference for today at ten in the morning so that's where we will have a little bit more news and understanding of what happened inside that horror how
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the start of the concert and the thirteen week victim or claim to be starving they were fat and me to a local hospital child protective services and adult protective services have been also assisting in the investigation investigators also have asked that anyone with information on the case contacts them the parents first of all were and able to immediately provide a logical reason why there were children who were restrained in that matter that's what the sheriff official have said in the news for at least. there is no really understanding the neighbors rarely see the kids when they were seen the kids it was for some ran the moment when they were going in the car some of them didn't even know the kids were existing and yet the family. as the new wives that david had inter been and now lou is an interpreter that have both been arrested and now they are in jail with a bail set at nine million each. posted several picture as you mention of
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a happy family also take in trips to disneyland illustrate this. journalist valentino martelly speaking to us a little bit earlier there now at some other stories making news around the world at least nine construction workers have been killed in colombia after half of an unfinished bridge collapsed the deck and the supporting tower tumbled nearly three hundred meters into a canyon near the capital both on the bridges part of a major new highway due to open in march authorities are investigating the cause of the collapse. of the. police in the belgian city of ventura found two bodies in the rubble of a building destroyed by a suspected gas explosion at least fifteen people were hurt including seven who were pulled from the wreckage several neighboring structures were badly damaged police say they don't suspect terrorism. nearly fifteen thousand people have fled
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from villages around the philippines most active volcano as its huge lava and ash scientists warn a house or dispose of a russian could happen at any time month my own had been increasingly restive since saturday prompting officials to issue evacuation warnings. and the libya's coast guard has rescued around four hundred migrants it stranded in several locations off its coast in the mediterranean sea they had placed a distress calls after claiming to experience engine trouble libya is one of the key words for middle eastern and african migrants trying to enter europe illegally . french president emmanuel mccall is in ca late to unveil plans to stop economic migrants from descending on the port city in a bid to reach britain mccall visited a migrant center ahead of a keynote speech expected to outline france's new immigration law he has pledged to speed up the processing of asylum applications and ensure those people rejected will be dealt with quote more firmly. pope francis has arrived in chile for what
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promises to be a difficult first visit the pontiff has come under fire from chileans outraged over a priest sex abuse scandal that controversy advocaat catholic church's position on social issues have pushed many chileans to abandon the faith. she lay in police had to yank this protester down from an overhand road sign. elsewhere a crowd of activists for gay and transgender rights also demonstrates that. this is the pope's twenty second overseas trip but it's here on his native continent that he's met the most hostility yet at just thirty six percent trust in the catholic church in chile is the lowest in less in america. not a lot of us have been catholics we were part of the church however we feel we've
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been led down by the roman curia in the sense that it is an abusive discriminate tree and intolerant church. much of the resentment stems from the so-called kind of demon abuse case for more than a decade local church leaders ignored complaints against the highly influential financial kind of a priest accused of molesting children it was only when the victims went public to the vatican investigate the affair and in two thousand and eleven was for as the bishop of also known in southern chile has reopened old who was. four time olympic champion simone weil says she was sexually abused by the former team usa gymnastics sports dr larry nasser the american artistic gymnast and star of the two thousand and sixteen rio games released an emotional statement on twitter saying she is quote not afraid to tell her story anymore in december nasser was jailed for sixty years for possessing child sex abuse images and will be sentenced
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this week over two cases in which he admits assaulting female gymnast's more than one hundred thirty women a filed civil lawsuits against him alleging abuse. you're watching d.w. news still to come a voice that will linger on the lead singer of the cranberries has died suddenly at the age of forty six we'll look back at the light and dark notes are for life and music. but first monica is here with a look at the currency markets very important money sumi because the euro has a steady it is rally against the greenback trading at one u.s. dollar twenty two fourteen today that after reaching a three year high on monday when it was going for one u.s. dollar twenty two ninety seven and the euro has gained almost eighteen percent against the greenback since january twenty seven t.d. analysts say that the european central bank's plans to end its bond buying program behind the currency strengthen the euro is expected to remain strong in the near
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term let's find out a little bit more about the why and let's cross over to our financial market correspondent daniel corp who is keeping an eye for us on the frankfurt stock exchange hi danielle so tell us what do you think is driving the euro right now. well i think there are two i'm a infectious behind of all of this and i can tell you also from the investor's perspective this very strong euro also came as a little surprise for investors here after we really saw a rally here happening at the stock market at the beginning of this year well we are having a very strong european economy at the moment but the main reason behind this is speculation and rumors coming from the european central bank just a few blocks away from where i am that we might be seeing already if this year and change of the monetary policy of the e.c.b. right now we still have zero per cent interest rates here in the euro zone this is
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most likely not going to change at least until two thousand and nineteen but many investors are thinking that we could see a complete stop of the bond purchasing program that was already. down now from january to is from sixty billion euros a month to just thirty billion euros a month this has really been giving the euro quite a boost here at the stock market warning now a strong currency a solid currency represents as you mentioned also a solid economy but i know that there's always two sides to every coin what's the downside of a strong euro well even though investors have been asking for a long time that is monetary policy of the e.c.b. is changing they are not really happy with the immediate effects because whatever we have a very strong euro we usually see also shares here at the blue chip index stocks falling because many companies here do a lot of their money with export and with a strong euro those products on the other side of the world for example in the
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united states get more expensive and then not anymore that attractive so that's why investors are actually for the moment not so happy with this quote in frankfurt thank you so much for this. i don't know where you spent the holidays the chances are that many of you didn't spend the season at home traveling is a huge trend in fact preliminary data from the u.n. world tourism organization shows the tourism is booming across the globe overall the number of international tourists grew by seven percent last year reaching an estimated one point three billion in twenty seventeen and the strong momentum is expected to continue this year here are some highlights from those figures fronts will remain the most popular tourism destination according to the united nations world tourism organization but spain could be said to replace the u.s. in the number two position with more than eighty million visitors last year
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a deadly terror attack in august and the political crisis in catalonia don't appear to have dented spain's overall tourist figures. that's not the case for the u.s. politics affected international visitor numbers which dropped five percent early last year hulloa inauguration of donald trump things a boding well for countries in other regions europe continues to receive the highest number of international tourists six hundred and seventy one million in two thousand and seventeen asia and the pacific recorded three hundred twenty four million international visitors and africa and the middle east combined came in at one hundred thirty million visitors europe and africa had the highest growth rates of eight percent followed by asia pacific. with a six percent growth this is the highest annual growth rate in seven years the agency said this was mostly due to global economic upswing in that it expects
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growth to continue twenty eighteen or more sustainable pace of around four percent tourism is one of the world's leading export sectors so the growth is welcome news it could lead to more job creation in trouble and hospitality interest in asian countries. they go wider faster the a three eighty was supposed to be nothing less than a revolution of a global air travel its model planes equipped with cocktail lounge and gym but the two story super jumbo was a slow seller right from the start and now it could phase the end of production all together as most important customer emirates simply isn't ordering enough planes to keep the a three eighty program a life. what was hoped to be the company's biggest success is turning into a disappointing defeat with just over three hundred planes sold and few on order airbus says it will stop making the a three eighty super jumbo if it doesn't get more business from top client emirates which is now buying planes from boeing
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airbus says that the dubai based airline is key for its business they are probably the only one who has the ability right now in the marketplace to take a minimum of six a year for a period of eight to ten years and then we can add some on top of that so quite honestly if we can't work out a deal with emirates i think there is no choice but to shut down the program but i'm hopeful that we'll work out a deal with emirates and others can add airplanes on top of that some hold bring mains apparently but the revolution will have to wait. while staying with the industry turkish airlines has reclaimed to the top spot over compared to the emirates because it carried more passengers in twenty seventeen that's according to newly released numbers a sixty nine million passengers flew turkish last year that's a bump of nine percent from the year before. there were sixty six million while
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emirates counted fifty nine million it's an impressive rebound for turkish after fierce competition from local scare carriers and a tense political situation in turkey i've heard the allied in recent years. now and now it's back to sumi and more news about a story about important medical treatment in a paul desert monica's a country where medical treatment is limited there's only one hospital specializing in plastic school staff our next report has some distressing accounts of the outcomes for the patients could be life changing. anita is eighteen ten months ago a kerosene cooker exploded leaving her with terrible injuries only her face was left unscathed. but there's hope and a german plastic surgeon who's visiting nepal will operate on her burn injuries are common here. they're really lovely people. loving and happy then you take the
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bandages off and you get such a shock it's very sad over the course of four busy days the german doctors will support their nepali colleagues and share their expertise. sarita is another patient one her long hair got caught in a harvesting machine she was practically scalped she'll be getting surgery to is very pretty. it's the young patients that move to the most another is five year old said. he was born with two of his fingers joined together. and it's not a life or death situation of course but there's a difference between having to normal and to join fingers and he's so small and sweet of course we have to help him it's hard not to be charmed by a child like this. it's early the next morning.
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hospital is the only clinic specializing in plastic surgery and. most of its patients are poor and they're treated here free of charge. the hospital was established twenty years ago by the german aid organisation interplast which continues to provide financial support. first up this morning is the boy with the two joint fingers he's brave at first but when the procedure begins his courage slips away. when he wakes up he'll have five fingers. it is one of the nepali surgeons here he feels great compassion for the boy when he was a small child he put his fingers into an electric socket he's been in pain ever since from the scars caused by his injuries. then it's a rita's turn the woman who had lost all her hair. under
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a bushel has brought a vacuum pump with him from germany. he'll use it during the operation it creates suction which encourages the growth of new tissue that can later support skin transplant. there's a tense moment during the procedure but it works. and two days later when the doctors make their final round of visits to read reports that she's doing well . the avoid we're going to buy her a really pretty wig she'll be able to choose the hair she's always wanted. and his colleagues perform thirty operations during their four days and. when they go everyone expresses their gratitude. now the local doctors can put what they've learned into practice.
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ever since pop on those dortmund have unveiled their new signing switzerland defender. as joint from basel on a five year deal a country attended his first training session alongside dortmund striker pier emerick obama young who was back on the pitch having been suspended by the club he'd been a drop for the zero zero draw with walsworth at the weekend for missing a team meeting or ports a arsenal want to sign him. they might think a country needs a lots of snow or ice to breed winter olympic champions ahead of next month's games in south korea but in the case of britain they have become powerhouses and women skeleton bob despite lacking a supposedly crucial ingredient to success. this is as close to ice as british pop slane skeleton athletes get in their own country great britain doesn't have a single ice track so the pros have to make do with this dry push start track but
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it hasn't stopped them from winning medals great britain has won gold in skeleton at each of the last two olympics and hopes are high that they can add another to the collection in pyongyang much of that depends on the performance of reigning olympic skeleton champion lizzy yarnold she says team spirit builds up at the training center at both university is key to their success. persist balancing teams here and it's please come and train with each other and encourage each other it just it is a sign from. dani hold crofts is one of the people behind british skeletons results as head of performance he's helped write the country's surprise success story. we have a kind of saying inside the program of achieving possible i think if you set a vision and said it well and transparency and having great people i'm bored you. see the same dream the same opportunity but you can cheat a lot winning olympic medals despite the lack of a nice track has been an extraordinary achievement and next month team great
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britain will be hoping to race to go again. now musicians and fans have been paying tribute to dolores o'riordan the lead singer of the irish rock band the cranberries she died suddenly on monday in london at the age of forty six the cause of death has not yet been disclosed o'riordan was born in ireland county limerick enjoying the cranberries in one thousand nine hundred three for a powerful voice and irish accent gave the band a distinctive sound its debut album sold millions of copies and made the international music stars their second album sold even better and included the hit single. let's bring in culture reporter mark spinner for more on the story mark tell us
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more about dolores o'riordan why she was so important to her music impacted so many people what you're looking for in a rock singer is the distinctive voice whether it's lou reed or kate bush or dolores the written you don't have to hear her for ten seconds or less on the radio to know that it was a very distinctive vocal style whether she turned it to her advantage in the vulnerability of a hit like linger or used it with very focused energy for the worldwide smash zombie i mean she had this kind of your technique that she says she picked up from her father following him around when he used to sing sort of country western songs of the ones you cowboy blues and so on and added to this sense of a vulnerability but whatever it was it really struck with fans as you mentioned earlier huge hits forty million worldwide sales seventeen million for the second album seven million of that in the u.s. alone so it was really resonant that it touched
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a nerve. we mentioned that she was from limerick in ireland let's listen to what people there had to say when they heard about her passing. shocked and saddened just to hear the news someone so young and i remember her from the the early days starting out city when she was very naive and shy would need and face the crowds oh my god rest of the state and all of my thoughts she was so would like to know indecision thirty quid for limerick she's from body broken. my fatter music that she's the main story first in this well because we're all doing performing arts in us. to people from the work that actually bring. something very says. so he left an important market especially there in limerick where she came from she fought her own personal demons as well mark tell us more about that all the pressures on any star of the kind you have to fill stadiums is huge i mean exhaustion plays a massive part and restoring puts a great deal of pressure on any member of the band but the front person in
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particular she however did have a whole load of other problems behind her she talked quite openly and publicly she was abused as a child she turned to ways of self medicating herself for a bipolar disorder she was recently separated from her husband and her three children were living with him in canada where she was recently before she came she took a flight over to europe to work on some new recordings perhaps i think we got that last tweet that she sent out which was on january the third which is a really poignant last message and gives a sort of flavor of perhaps or isolation where she says bye bye we're off to odd and. really sort of almost a farewell in that night mark you have a favorite song from the cranberries that stands out to you as a highlight well i think was kind of breakthrough hit when it was first released it
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didn't do very well the n.e.p. went to the seventy four in the charts but when it was rereleased after that had gained a bit more radio play. i have to say i remember hearing for the first time on the radio and it really stood out it's very plaintive and emotional track rifle celebrating of the life and music of dolores o'riordan of the lead singer of the cranberries and our culture editor with us mark s. they are here in studio three a are you watching you will be back at the top of the hour but we leave you now with one of the cranberries biggest hits that mark just mentioned linger thanks for watching. the band the be.
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the big . the be. the be. the beauty charm and. to be above. the law. carlos absorb the bomb we move to. the but. the but. the
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cut. cut cut. cut. cut. the business week we write not the dr james of winter. bustling city. the bill you are an aging. unspoiled nature. this week. next. week on. this legal highlights. back in form after the winter break by and munich beat live acoustic the top of the table. knew how to. sell and well as
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first on t w. i have a wall mounted welcome to europe max so we're highlighting these topics in today's show. lights in the wild mass scale it's worth a trip during the one.


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